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TermNet's hybrid Terminology Summer School 1-4 July 2022 in Athens and online

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TSS 2022 - hybrid

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TSS 2022 - hybrid

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TSS 2022 - hybrid

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choose your TSS day(s) by June 20

TSS's Pay-per-Day model explained

It’s simple: Just choose on how many days you want to attend. Afterwards decide on the days you are most interessted in until June 20.

Our goal is to provide you with a flexibel Terminology Summer School which fits your needs and interessts.

What to Expect?

Do you want to understand WHY Terminology Theory is important for Translators? And why professional terminology management is crucial for the quality of translations?

Then Day 1 is your pick.

Do you want to learn about the HOW of Terminology Management? And what translators should know from the very beginning of their academic education?

Then Day 2 is ideal for you.

Are you interested in terminology tools, case studies and sharing terminology? Want to learn about the costs of terminology management, and legal issues involved? 

Then Day 3 is for you.

Your colleagues and peers from all over the world will present their own terminology projects. This is the oral exam to qualify as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager. Reserve your slot, if you want to go for the certificate and make your terminology driving licence.