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TermNet's hybrid Terminology Summer School 17-21 July 2023 in Naples and online

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TSS 2023 - hybrid

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TSS 2023 - hybrid

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TSS 2023 - hybrid

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choose your TSS day(s) by July 10

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TSS's Pay-per-Day model explained

It’s simple: Just choose on how many days you want to attend. Afterwards, decide on the days you are most interested in – until July 10.

Our goal is to provide you with a flexible Terminology Summer School that fits your needs and interests.

What to Expect from TSS 2023?

Day 1  (starting at 13:00 CEST) is dedicated to Terminology as a Science. Are you interested in theories, scientific research and projects, in academic training and in the role of terminology in microlearning? Do you want to meet renowned trainers from academia and industry, and network with our global terminology family during a joint dinner and social event?

Then Day 1 is your pick. 

Do you want to learn about terminology activities in Italy, about frame-based terminology, and how to deal with copyright issues in terminology management? Are you interested in statistical terminology and in international terminology standards?

Then Day 2 is ideal for you.

Do you want to learn and discuss professional terminology work and management in organizations and in the industry? Do you need to know how to argue and calculate costs and return on investment for terminology work? Are you searching for terminology resources in the European Union, and do you want to know how to share and manage terminology within open European platforms?

Then Day 3 is for you.

Do you need terminology for translation purposes and professional communication? Are you interested in how to search and collect terminology, how to coin terms, and how the European Union coordinates terminology? Is  multilingual terminology management an issue for you? And do you want to learn more about Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD).

Then Day 4 is your day.

Your colleagues and peers from all over the world will present their own terminology projects. This is the oral exam to qualify as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager. Reserve your slot, if you want to go for the ECQA certificate and get your international terminology driving licence. In the morning, you will be introduced to the ECQA Certificate for Terminology Professionals, then a representative of the etranslation Program of the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT)  will enlighten us about EU terminology and translation strategies.